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  • reDeveloped

    Speed. Quality. New features.

    Fall Update 2021

    The newly redesigned Develop module now has faster processing time, significantly higher-quality results, and new functions. Other modules have also received their share of improvements.


    Faster Photo Editing

    You asked for faster photo editing and we listened. Now you can reap the benefits of what a year of hard work and development brings. We’ve changed things from the ground up, but you can continue editing your photos as before. Only this time, it’ll be sixtimes faster.


    New Edits with Better
    Than Ever Results

    New Edits with Better
    Than Ever Results


    What’s better than making your photo editing faster? Making your photo editing faster and with top-notch quality! The majority of editing parameters have been rewritten to produce bolder results, while keeping things natural and avoiding loss of color.

    New Black and White Settings

    Get greater control over the darkest and lightest parts of your photos.

    Enhanced Lights and Shadows

    Don’t let washed out colors and unnatural contours keep you from bold photo editing.


    A Perfect Union

    Lights and Shadows now recognize simultaneous changes made to multiple settings. For example, major changes made to exposure won’t affect adjustments to shadows, as frequently happens with our competitors.


    Introducing: Texture

    This new editing tool brings out the finest of details in your photo. This goes for local edits too.


    Enhanced Clarity

    More precise edge detection will add contrast to your photos right where you need it.


    Brand New Remove Noise Function

    Now unbelievably faster, with significantly better results, and easier to use on top of that. Get familiar with the completely redesigned Remove Noise function.

    Read how to remove noise from your photos.


    Enhanced Sharpness

    We’ve made improvements to the default RAW sharpening and sharpness setting controls.


    It’s All in the Details

    You can now reset values by simply double clicking the slider.


    Zoner’s own Thomas demonstrates how to use the new features

    Enjoy reading? We’ve written this article with examples of correcting exposure.


    Working with Previously Edited Photos?

    Don’t forget to change Process to ZPS X 2021. This is the last icon in the toolbar of the Develop module. The new version may slightly change the appearance of the affected photos but gives you access to the newest functions and tools.


    You are just a step away from perfect photos

    Try Zoner Photo Studio X free for 30 days with no obligations!

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    Windows 10 compatible

    Make Your Video Editing
    Quicker and Easier

    Make Your Video Editing
    Quicker and Easier


    We are continuously striving to meet our goal of bringing you everything you need for your photo and video editing.


    Live preview of changes to the timeline

    Now you can better see how changes are reflected in the video’s timeline – the live preview updates based on the operation you are performing.


    Adjust track height

    For easier management of edited video clips, you can now stretch the height of both audio and video tracks.


    Insert mode available for each track separately

    For more accurate control over how clips are inserted into individual tracks, each track now has its own insert mode selector.


    Manual setting of level values

    For those of you who like a detailed overview of the levels progress for both video and audio tracks, we’ve added precise input of values.


    Batch editing of transition effects

    If your video contains multiple transitions, you can now edit all of them simultaneously.


    Zoner’s own Thomas demonstrates how to use the new features


    Revolutionary New
    Support for AVIF


    We are bringing you a completely new image file format. AVIF (AV1 image format) is backed by giants such as Google, Netflix, Amazon, and Microsoft. This format is able to store image data with lower data consumption and higher quality compared to the older, yet more widespread JPEG format. For now, AVIF can be used in a number of web browsers. As it expands, support for other devices and programs will grow. In any case, Zoner Photo Studio X is ready for it.


    Lower data consumption

    More preservation of details

    Reads and stores AVIF

    8, 10, or 12 bits-per-channel

    Supports transparency

    Lossy and lossless compression


    Joins the Party

    Joins the Party

    Higher video playback quality

    Videos uploaded to Zonerama are played in higher quality than you will find on YouTube.

    Zonerama now supports 2K and 4K videos

    In place of the existing FullHD resolution, you can now upload videos in up to 4K resolution (3840×2160).

    AV1 format now supported

    AV1 is a new image format with a wide range of compatible manufacturers. Zonerama is the first online photo gallery to experimentallyMust be enabled in settings release AV1 image format.

    Video playback with no recoding

    We’ve provided you instructions for making videos and if you follow them, we won’t alter your file. Your video will get to your viewers as you intended it to.

    New options for photo layout in an embedded element

    You now have more options for photo layout – you can resize your photos, change their arrangement in rows, and add margins. You can also set the way the rest of the gallery is accessed.


    Zoner’s own Thomas demonstrates how to use the new features


    When Bigger Is Better

    You can now have extra-large photo posters printed and sent to you. Or choose from premium options on heavier photo paper. The entire process is so simple. Now you only need to worry about finding enough space to display it.


    You are just a step away from perfect photos

    Try Zoner Photo Studio X free for 30 days with no obligations!

    Download Free
    Windows 10 compatible